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Allison Stephens wants to be your next Congresswoman from Nevada’s 4th district.

Allison Stephens is a single mom, a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, and a healthcare advocate. Allison joined the race for Nevada’s fourth congressional district because her values are Nevada’s values, her struggles are Nevada’s struggles, and her solutions are Nevada’s solutions.

Her parents, a United Methodist minister and nurse, taught her that serving others is not optional. Allison has been an active member of her community while advocating for cancer patients, building an education system that works for Nevada’s students, and caring for dialysis patients.

She moved to Nevada with her family as a teenager and built a life for herself and her family. She earned both a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and a Master of Education in Health Promotion from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical Informatics at Rutgers University.  

Nevadans in the fourth district elected Allison to serve on the Board of Regents for the Nevada Higher Education System in 2012. While serving students across the state, she is also a full-time healthcare professional focusing on improving and sustaining quality of life for dialysis patients. In 2015, Governor Sandoval appointed Allison to serve on the Nevada Commission for Women. She was appointed to serve on the State Board of Education and as Vice Chair of the Board of Regents the following year.

Now, Allison is stepping up to serve you in Congress. She is ready to go to Washington to tackle the real problems Nevada’s fourth district is facing and to make a lasting difference in our community.


“There are so many issues that those in Washington see as a bullet point. 

But I see it as real life.”



Allison is a mom, a daughter, and a member of her community.

She is a mom, first and foremost. As a single mom, she is raising her two kids – TJ and Parker – on her own. She deals with many of the same challenges Nevada families face on a daily basis, like paying the bills and finding a carpool for her kids after school.

Strong faith and support from her community have given Allison and her family the strength to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. Her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 12, her older sister became permanently disabled when she was 22, and her son lives with disabilities that present obstacles in his daily life. She carries the lessons learned from caring for her loved ones with her everyday and will channel the compassion she has for her family into her work every day as your Congresswoman.   

Allison is fighting for you.

Allison has lived in Nevada for 22 years, and for 22 years she has been sold empty promises – the same things you have heard from politician after politician without seeing results. She knows that families in the fourth district are desperate for stability. They want to know they can count on their representative in Congress to put their needs first. Allison is excited to roll up her sleeves and serve the people she’s learned, lived, and worked beside over the years.

Nevada families need a leader who will fight to create better and higher paying jobs, provide more workforce training opportunities, fix our struggling education system, help our students achieve their potential, reach universal healthcare coverage for Nevadans, and reinvigorate our economy so that all of us can start doing better.

Allison is for us.

Her dedication to serving others is driven largely by the words of her father – who always said, “when you have done your best, you can always do better.”

This campaign isn’t about Allison though. It’s about you. It’s about your kids’ education, your access to good paying jobs and workforce training opportunities, and your family’s access to high quality healthcare. This campaign is about your concerns, your creative ideas, your innovative solutions.

As your Congresswoman, Allison will serve by the words of her father and strive to do better for her community each and every day.


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