Allison knows what it’s like to feel underserved and that’s why she is running for Congress. Allison wants to represent the most vulnerable in our society - veterans, the elderly, students, the disabled - and give them a voice, a platform, and an opportunity to achieve the change we are all desperate for. As she travelled across the district meeting families, business owners, and students, it was clear to her that Nevadans want a leader who will work to create better and higher paying jobs, provide more workforce training opportunities, fix our struggling education system, help our students achieve their potential, reach universal healthcare coverage, and reinvigorate our economy. Allison hears you and is ready to get to work so that all of us can start doing better.

Health Care

  • Coverage: The Affordable Care Act made major progress in covering more Nevadans – slashing the uninsured rate by 44.7 percent. Allison’s father always said “when you do your best, you can always do better,” and we can definitely do better for the 1 in 10 Nevadans that still lack health insurance.
  • Access: Nevadans must have access to the physicians that they need to live healthy lives. Residents of the fourth district shouldn’t have to rely on doctors from California to treat them, and those living in rural areas shouldn’t have to forgo treatment because the nearest hospital is miles away. Nevadans need a leader in Congress that will increase their access to quality, affordable health care.

  • Cost: Folks know exactly how much a gallon of milk will cost when they walk into a grocery store, but we have no idea how much a lifesaving ride in a ambulance might cost. Our representatives should work to lower health care costs and fight for cost transparency so that consumers know exactly what they’re paying for.

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  • Rural Education: Rural schools have fewer resources and unique needs – we need to make sure that rural school districts have what they need for students to succeed.
  • Supporting Our Teachers: Nevada teachers deserve the resources that they need to do their jobs and support their students. Allison will fight for competitive teacher salaries and well-funded schools when she walks the halls of Congress.
  • Resources for Our Kids: Many children do not have access to early education, and plenty of students with special needs do not have the support they need. As a single parent, Allison knows that we need to make early education available and our schools more accessible for students with special needs – and she’ll fight to fix that in Congress.
  • College Affordability: Allison got a firsthand look at the college affordability crisis as a student at UNLV, member of the Board of Regents, and as a student currently pursuing her PhD. She understands that making college accessible is about more than lowering tuition and managing student debt.
  • Expanding Jobs Training: The employment gap between those with a college degree and those without is staggering. We need more funding for job training programs that all Nevadans have the tools they need to be successful.

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