May 3, 2018

Allison Stephens Pledges Not to Take Money from Big Pharma

NV-04 Candidate Promises to “Fight for Nevadans, Not Special Interests”

(Las Vegas, Nevada) – Today, Allison Stephens pledged that she will not take any campaign donations from big pharmaceutical or drug manufacturing companies.

Allison released the following statement on her position:

“I joined this race to fight for Nevadans, not special interests. I have never and will never take money from big pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing companies.

“I know families in the fourth district who struggle to pay their medical bills because of soaring drug prices. I also know that it’s impossible to fairly and effectively regulate an industry while at the same time taking donations from them.

“I’m running a campaign for real Nevadanas, by real Nevadans. With the support of everyday Nevadans I will fight to make health care more affordable and bring real life to Washington.”


March 13, 2018

Regent Allison Stephens Announces Campaign for Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District

(Las Vegas, Nevada) – Today, Allison Stephens officially announced her candidacy for Congress in Nevada’s fourth congressional district.

Allison Stephens is a single mom, member of the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, and healthcare advocate. Having lived in Nevada’s fourth Congressional district for 22 years, Allison is joining the race for Congress because her values are Nevada’s values, her struggles are Nevada’s struggles, and her solutions are Nevada’s solutions.

Allison is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work creating better and higher paying jobs in Nevada, fixing the struggling education system, helping students achieve their potential, making healthcare both accessible and affordable for families, and ensuring that her children inherit a clean and healthy environment. From day one, Nevadans will be able to count on Allison to listen to them, their families, and the most vulnerable among us. More importantly, Nevadans will be able to count on Allison to bring their fight to Washington.

“I grew up in and am raising my children in this district. I have seen firsthand how important it is to have effective individuals representing us in Congress.

“My experience as a community advocate, single mother, and elected official has given me the opportunity to work with families, students, business owners, and community leaders from all corners of Nevada’s fourth congressional district.  

“People always tell me they want to be able to count on their representatives in Congress, they want someone fighting every day to put their needs first instead of playing politics, and I hear them.

“Our community needs someone who understands what is happening in our neighborhoods every day, the struggles that our children are facing in our schools, and the burdens carried by everyday Nevadans because of the dysfunction in Washington.

“I’m running for Congress because I want to be that voice for our community – someone who isn’t afraid to focus on the issues that matter to our constituents and stand up for progressive solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems.”

Stephens is kicking off her campaign with a rural listening tour through the fourth district. She will visit several communities, including Tonopah, Pahrump, and Mesquite. She will conclude her tour on Friday at the Secretary of State’s Office in Las Vegas – where she will officially file to run for Congress.